She is Classic and Timeless with Effortless Style.




She is Confident and Casually Chic.



She is you and ME constantly evolving and moving forward to better herself and the world around her.



We have been friends and neighbors for over twenty years in Vail, Colorado with daughters the same age that grew up together from birth.  We both have worked in hospitality in the luxury hotel industry and enjoy all of the amenities that Vail has to offer like snowboarding, hiking, and camping to name a few.  

We are just two Vail girls that came up with a great idea for a new collection!  Natalie said to me one day that there isn’t a great pajama out there with a built-in bra for extra coverage and support that you can sleep in without feeling like you are wearing a bra and that you can wear outside of the bedroom with comfort and confidence.  And that is how PJ All Day & Loungewear was born!

We were inspired to design a classic & timeless pajama that can also convert into casually chic loungewear all day for any occasion.   

We added an amazing “Barely There Bra” for extra coverage & support that will elevate you in more ways than one.



Missy is proof that there is no expiration date on realizing your dreams. It is important to teach her daughter, Miki, that she can do anything she wants to do in life and 

no dream is too big. 


Missy has never been afraid to stand out in a crowd and make a statement for what she believes. With fearlessness and determination, she founded MoxyEvolution, a brand with purpose to empower all women to keep pushing to that finish line and never giving up. The fashion line itself reflects her personality & style of being casual, effortless yet chic.  


Missy’s vision was honed through years of charting her own path through life and making every day an adventure. She is an avid hiker, snowboarder, wanderlust. 


This Texas-native and Vail-transplant is most importantly a mother and wife.

She doesn’t consider herself a fashionista

and designs for herself.


Her purpose is to lead by example to show our younger generations of women that you can be fabulous, fearless, timeless, and unstoppable at any age.

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